How To Find Someone iPhone On Online – 2 Easy Steps

A phone locator from Apple is the ideal way to find someone’s location by iPhone during a search. The following app got developed to track users and iPhone gadgets, which can’t get seen. You can easily know the location of a loved one quickly because most of the users always have their phones with them wherever they go.

With the help of other iOS devices like iPods, air pods, Mac, and iPads, you can get to perform certain functions, which helps in identifying the invisible mode, activation lock, and, most importantly, the location. Read on to know more about finding a person’s iPhone and its place.

How To Find Someone iPhone

How To Find Someone iPhone

1. Use Find My iPhone

Apple made the best decision when they got to launch the app Find My iPhone, which got meant to help in the location of stolen or misplaced iPhones. It got integrated into iCloud, where a user will need to sign up for an Apple ID to access the platform through the website. Find Current Location by phone number an iPhone can be done here, where you input the details required and directly start the search.

  • Allows accessible location of an iOS device on a map via Mac
  • Allows prompt calls and message displays on the screen
  • You can lock the device remotely
  • It’s a free app
  • You can erase all the data as the last resort if you can’t locate the iPhone
  • Only compatible with the iOS devices which run iOS 13 onwards
  • Without iCloud, you can’t run this app
  • Erasing of the data means that it can’t get recovered
  • The process can only get achieved if the app was on the phone before getting lost. It should have gotten linked to your account on iCloud.

2. Find my Friends

Find My Friend is another App feature on Apple that allows its users to locate other iPhone users. It got designed with a social location shared option which needs the owner of the device to enable their area and share it among other people. When it gets turned on, family and friends’ areas can get seen on the platform that has iOS devices.

  • You can quickly locate people you love who have accepted your share request
  • Allow you to control your privacy
  • Alerts are available which get based on everyone’s location
  • It’s a safety measure primarily when a loved one can’t get found
  • You need to pay a one- time $0.99 fee during download
  • You can get a request from the people who you don’t want to include in your share option

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can an iPhone user get tracked via Google Maps?

The iOS users could get tracked through Goggle Maps if they had signed in at Google before losing it. It gets to check their timeline on the app of their last locations.

2. Can a user know that someone is locating them through an iPhone?

iPhone users can check if they are getting located via their notification logs, reviewing users through the iOS briefs.


The earlier mentioned ways of locating someone’s location on an iPhone means that tracking of a loved one is secure or your gadget. You need to ensure that your iOS device gets logged with your Google and Apple ID so that you are safe in case anything occurs. You can use any recommended choice to achieve your needs.