How to Unlock an ASUS Laptop Without Knowing the Password

Having a password on your ASUS laptop is important to protect your data and privacy. However, there may be times when you forget your password or want to access the laptop without entering a password. Thankfully, there are a few methods you can use to unlock an ASUS laptop without knowing the password.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through several effective techniques to bypass or reset the password on ASUS laptops running Windows 10, 8, and 7. Whether you forgot your login password, can’t remember your Bitlocker recovery key, or want to remove a previous owner’s account password, this guide has got you covered.

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Before You Start

Before diving into the various password reset methods, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  • Back up important data first – Resetting a password may cause data loss, so be sure to back up anything important before proceeding. An external hard drive or cloud backup service are good options.
  • Have installation media ready – Some methods require bootable USB installation media for Windows or ASUS. Prepare this in advance on another working computer.
  • Connect power supply – You’ll be rebooting the ASUS laptop a few times, so make sure it has sufficient battery or connect the charger.
  • Allow time to test methods – Unlocking a laptop without a password takes some trial and error. Make sure you have enough time to slowly work through each technique.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s explore some simple ways to get back into your ASUS laptop again.

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Reset Password from Login Screen

Before attempting any advanced unlock methods, the easiest way is to simply reset the password from the Windows login screen. This allows you to set a new password without losing any data.

Here is how to reset an account password from the login screen:

  1. At the Windows login screen, click the Power icon then select Restart.
  2. As your ASUS restarts, hold down the Shift key to trigger the Advanced startup options screen.
  3. Select Troubleshoot > Advanced options.
  4. Choose Reset Password to launch the password reset tool.
  5. Select your user account and enter a new password twice to confirm.

Once complete, login with the new password. This quick method allows you to reset your forgotten password and regain access instantly.

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Use ASUS Password Reset Software

If resetting from the Windows login doesn’t work or you’ve forgotten your BitLocker recovery key, the next easiest method is using ASUS password reset software. ASUS provides a recovery tool called PC Diagnostics that can bypass Windows and BIOS passwords.

Follow these steps to use the ASUS password reset tool:

  1. Download the PC Diagnostics tool ISO file from
  2. Burn the ISO onto a blank DVD or copy to a USB stick.
  3. Insert boot media into your locked ASUS laptop and reboot it.
  4. As it powers on, press F2 to access the BIOS settings then enable boot from DVD or USB.
  5. Save changes and exit BIOS to boot from the reset tool media.
  6. Select your Windows installation or account.
  7. Choose “Remove Windows Password” or “Reset BIOS Password” to finish.

With just those 7 simple steps, you can use the handy ASUS recovery software to regain access by removing any set passwords. This method works on most recent ASUS laptop models.

Reset From Windows Install Media

Another way to unlock an ASUS laptop is by resetting the password from Windows installation media. This is helpful if you can’t boot into Windows or access recovery options.

To remove a password via Windows installer USB:

  1. Download Windows 10 ISO file and create bootable media.
  2. Insert USB installer drive and reboot ASUS laptop.
  3. Press F2 during startup to enter BIOS settings.
  4. Navigate to “Boot” tab and select boot from the USB drive.
  5. Once booted into Windows 10 installer, click Next until you see “Repair your computer”.
  6. Select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt.
  7. Type the following commands to rename utilman.exe:

ren C:\Windows\System32\utilman.exe utilman.bak copy C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe C:\Windows\System32\utilman.exe

  1. Exit Command Prompt and continue to Windows login screen.
  2. Click ease of access icon bottom left and select Command Prompt from utility menu.
  3. Finally, use ‘net user’ command to reset password then reboot to login with new credentials.

While this method is more complex, it allows you to reset your password from an external Windows installer drive, which is useful for 100% locked out situations.

Factory Reset ASUS Laptop

If you’ve tried all other options without success, a last resort to unlock your ASUS is performing a factory reset. This will fully wipe the laptop and reinstall Windows from scratch.

Warning: All user data and installed programs will be erased.

Here is how to factory reset an ASUS laptop:

  1. Force power off the laptop by holding down power button.
  2. Power back on while repeatedly tapping F9 key to enter ASUS recovery menu.
  3. Select “Restore System” or “System Recovery” to start recovery wizard.
  4. Follow prompts to fully erase system and reinstall Windows from the recovery partition.
  5. After completing ASUS factory reset process, you can access Windows without password.
  6. Reboot and step through Windows setup to create a new user account and password.

While wiping your laptop should only be done as a last resort, at least reinstalling Windows will guarantee you can unlock ASUS by creating a fresh user login. Just be aware you need to backup your old data first!

Prevent Future Lockouts

After finally unlocking your ASUS laptop, you probably want to avoid another inconvenient lockout. Here some tips to prevent future password problems on ASUS notebooks:

  • Setup password recovery options like ASUS account or trusted phone numbers.
  • Use a password manager app to generate and store long, randomized credentials.
  • Enable Windows Hello fingerprint or facial recognition login.
  • Set your BIOS to boot from USB drive or DVD in emergency.
  • Create a Windows password reset disk as backup.
  • Always keep Windows OS and ASUS software updated.

Following those simple precautions will help prevent you from resorting to these ASUS laptop password reset methods again in the future.


Being locked out of your ASUS laptop due to a forgotten password can be immensely frustrating. Thankfully, this step-by-step guide has outlined several DIY methods to unlock an ASUS notebook when you don’t have the password.

First try resetting your password directly from Windows login or utilizing ASUS recovery software. If that fails, booting from Windows install media or external tools can reset credentials by accessing the OS through a backdoor. Worst case, you may need to factory reset your laptop which will wipe all data but guarantee you can create a fresh login.

Just remember to always backup important files first and be prepared to spend some time trying different unlock techniques. With the right tools and patience, you will regain access to use your ASUS laptop once again.

Now you have all the techniques needed to successfully unlock an ASUS laptop without knowing the password. Feel free to bookmark this guide and share it with anyone else still locked out of their ASUS notebook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you unlock ASUS laptop?

Yes, there are several methods outlined in this guide to unlock an ASUS laptop, such as using the ASUS recovery tool, Windows installation media, or performing a factory reset.

How do I reset my ASUS laptop without the password?

You can use the ASUS diagnostics tool ISO, Windows 10 installer USB, or initiate a full factory reset to wipe the ASUS laptop and restore it to default settings without needing the previous password.

How do you fix a locked laptop?

First try resetting the password directly from the Windows login screen. If that doesn’t work, use ASUS recovery software, Windows installation media in Command Prompt, or perform a full factory reset of the laptop.

What is the BIOS key for Asus laptop?

The most common BIOS key for ASUS laptops is F2. Pressing F2 during boot will allow you to access the BIOS and change settings to allow booting from USB/DVD.

Can you Reset a locked laptop?

Yes, a completely locked laptop can be reset by performing a factory reset process which will wipe the entire system and reinstall Windows. This will remove any previous passwords.

Can I Reset my Asus laptop?

Yes, ASUS laptops have a recovery partition that allows you to factory reset the device. Simply enter the ASUS recovery menu on boot (F9 key) and choose to restore system or reset.

How do I factory reset my Asus?

To factory reset an ASUS laptop, force power off the device, turn back on tapping F9 continuously to enter recovery menu, then choose the option to perform a factory restore process. This will wipe and reinstall Windows.