How To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone For Free? – Complete Guide

Unlocking a cell phone from its network operator is not a new need. For example, you can unlock a tmobile phone and switch to AT&T. Cellphone operators have more control than subscribers realize when a lock is active, translating to the inability to jump to another carrier’s network, which can be very limiting. It leaves you stuck with some cellphone plans that might be costlier than you intended to pay, or having no signal in other areas. Boost Mobile is among the mobile companies that enable locks, leaving consumers trying to figure out how to unlock boost mobile phone.

Unblocking your Boost device enables you to use it with other cell phone companies. You’re probably wondering, “Can I unlock my phone online?” There are several sites where you can get codes to unlock boost mobile phone. So, if you’re still thinking ‘how to unlock my phone for free,’ websites such as Trycktill and Unlockitfree offer unlock codes without a fee, depending on your phone’s make and model.

Note that unlocking your Boost device doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on another carrier because Boost Mobile uses the Sprint Mobile CDMA network. However, customers can take advantage of these portals to unlock a sprint phone for free and port in the number to Boost Mobile or unlock boost mobile iPhone and use it on Sprint. Moreover, not every phone is eligible for unlocking with Boost. In this article, we’ll take you through the requirements to unlock boost mobile phone and how to do it without paying.

Unlock Boost Mobile Phone Without Paying: Everything You Should Know

When purchasing a cellphone from Boost Mobile, it comes locked to its network, restricting access to another carrier services until you unlock it. Even though most third-party unlock services apply charges, keep in mind that unblocking your device via Boost Mobile is free. Therefore, we’re going to walk you through how to unlock boost mobile phone for free and allow you to take it to any network.

Before we tell you different ways to unlock boost mobile phone, let’s first help you get the term ‘locked.’ In this case, it refers to a cell phone that can only accept a Boost Mobile SIM card on the Sprint Mobile network. It means you can’t activate it on a competing operator’s network. When Boost unlock your device, you can use it on another carrier SIM, making it an unlocked cell.

Boost Mobile, and other carriers can lock or unlock your cell phone in two ways. There are the MSL locking and SIM locking technologies, both restricting the phone to the provider’s network.

MSL Unlocking

Phone manufacturers can integrate a Master Subsidy Lock, or MSL, into the device’s system during the manufacturing process. MSL is a type of software that disables access to more than one SIM card with a locking code. It was the popular cell phone locking method before 2015.

While the MSL system locks a phone to certain operational restrictions for Boost Mobile services, the carrier can’t unlock some of its MSL locked devices for domestic use, including the iPhone 5. Moreover, it’s not possible to unlock all functions on certain Boost phones. For example, you can only unblock the voice and CDMA functionality of some smartphones but not the LTE, GSM, or UMTS functions. As such, cellphone unblocking means getting past the lock with an MSL code to unlock boost mobile phone.

Regardless, unlocking a cell phone doesn’t necessarily make it interoperable with a different mobile network provider. Besides, attempting to reprogram a Boost device or altering its initial programming may render it inoperable on the Sprint network.

SIM Unlocking

After February 2005, SIM locking and unlocking became a popular trend with cell phone carriers. Therefore, we can refer to a device as ‘locked’ if it came with programming parameters, preventing another carrier SIM card from working in it. It’s almost the same concept with MSL locking, only that it works for SIM cards.

SIM locking for phones launched after February 2005 has limitations. Boost Mobile has varying abilities to unblock these handsets for domestic use, including working with the phone manufacturers to unblock the SIM slots. Once you unlock boost mobile phone for free, the provider doesn’t guarantee that it will be compatible with another carrier network.

An unlocked phone ability to interoperate on a different service provider will depend on the carrier network compatibility and policies. The rule of thumb is to use your unblocked boost device on a CDMA network provider, like Verizon Wireless and Sprint Mobile. Some of the latest smartphones can work with both GSM and CDMA platforms. However, a CDMA device can only accept GSM services if it is LTE capable, allowing you to unlock boost mobile phone and switch to GSM carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T.

Considerations To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone For Free

Boost Mobile has a pretty candid unlocking policy for its existing customers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry because you can boost off to a carrier of your choice. You only need to qualify for its requirements and reach Boost customer service for unblocking instructions. Once Boost unlocks your device, it is essential to know that it may not work with your preferred carrier. For that reason, it’s always best to ensure it’s possible to Bring Your Own Phone to the new service provider before making the jump.

Initially, after creating GSM and CDMA tech, cell phones on either network could not switch to the other platform. But with the latest updates, especially the 4G/LTE technology, you can use most devices on all networks irrespective of their CDMA or GSM system. Nearly all flagship phones with LTE tech are cross compatible across all providers, so you possibly won’t experience any issues.

Nevertheless, older handsets from Verizon Wireless and Sprint Mobile are only interoperable with each other as they use comparable CDMA technology. Similarly, older T-Mobile or AT&T phones will only work with each other since they run on the same GSM technology. Luckily, most carriers have an online cellphone compatibility checker, making it easy to confirm if your device can function on their network.

Requirements To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone For Free

You must be ready for some work when looking to unlock your device since Boost Mobile won’t tell you when you are eligible. Therefore, it’s vital that customers be aware of the eligibility requirements to unlock boost mobile phone without paying. Fortunately, we are here to help and figured out the criteria for you.

The following factors should qualify you to unlock boost mobile phone for free. Boost Mobile will accept an unlock request if:

  • It is an active device on Boost Mobile for a minimum of twelve months.
  • You’ve made a payment for service within the last ninety days of the phone’s twelve-month activation anniversary
  • Your phone is capable of a SIM unlock.
  • Your phone isn’t flagged as stolen or lost.
  • Your Boost Mobile account associated with the device is in good standing.
  • The phone you want to unlock is from Boost Mobile because they can’t unblock non-Boost phones or devices.

Once you meet the above criteria, get in touch with Boost customer support through calling 1-888-BOOST-4U and following their instructions to unblock your cellphone.

Military Requirements To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone

Note that these requirements only apply to the current Boost customers. We’ll talk about the instructions to unlock boost mobile phone for former subscribers or third-party purchased Boost phones later in the post.

If the military is deploying you overseas, you’ll need to unlock boost mobile phone for international use. Boost Mobile can unlock your device upon request, provided there’s proof of deployment. You must also meet all the above eligibility requirements, save for the amount of time you need to have an active service with Boost. Every number linked to your military account can unblock a maximum of two phones annually.

Unlocking Boost Mobile Phone – Existing Boost Customers

Current Boost subscribers who meet the eligibility criteria above can unlock boost mobile phone in a few simple steps:

  • Contact the Boost Mobile customer service
  • Receive the unlock code
  • Input the unlock code

The entire unlocking process shouldn’t last more than a day for BoostUP installment plan customers. If not, unblocking your device might take up to 48 hours. You can do a few things to ensure a smooth process:

  • Maintaining your SIM card in the cellphone is vital because replacing or removing it will result in a failed unlock request.
  • Turning on and connecting your mobile phone to the Boost Mobile network or WiFi network throughout the unlock process.

If you bought a Boost phone from a third-party like a former customer or a previous Boost Mobile customer, the process is a little more complicated because the carrier will require some extra steps.

Unlocking Boost Mobile Phone – Non-Boost Mobile Customers

It’s essential to note that previous and non-Boost clients can still unlock boost mobile phone. However, unlike the current Boost Mobile clientele, you’ll have to get through a tedious process. The carrier has several requirements for this type of unlocking request, including:

  • The last-associated Boost Mobile phone number for the device
  • The last-associated Boost Mobile account number for the phone

If you don’t have the above details, you may have to contact the person from whom you bought the device to get that information. Boost Mobile will not unblock your phone if you can’t provide the info, locking you to its network for twelve months before you try unblocking it again.

It’s always a good idea to contact Boost Mobile before purchasing any Boost handset from third-parties. The carrier will notify you if the device is unlocked or whether it qualifies for unlocking. In this way, you won’t have to worry about meeting eligibility criteria or get nasty surprises that the phone is ineligible for unlocking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it legal to unlock boost mobile phone?

Some local conventions may affect the Boost Mobile phone unlock program, depending on your ZIP address. Regardless, almost no regulations are prohibiting the unblocking process.

How do I know if my cellphone is locked to Boost?

The fastest way to check if your phone has an active Boost Mobile lock is by calling customer care. Alternatively, you could insert another carrier’s SIM card into the device to see if it works. Any carrier-locked cellphone will reject a SIM card from an alternative carrier.

Can I switch to AT&T with my unlocked boost mobile phone?

You can change to the AT&T network with your unlocked boost mobile phone, as long as it’s LTE-capable. Note that Boost Mobile and AT&T use incompatible CDMA and GSM networks, respectively. However, the two systems are interoperable on the 4G/LTE platform.

Does Boost Mobile alert me when my phone qualifies for unlocking?

No. The carrier opts to share its unlocking procedures and policies on the internet. But if you believe you qualify for an unlock code, you can call the Boost Mobile customer support for free at  1-888-BOOST-4U1-888-BOOST-4U.

Can I unlock another carrier’s cellphone on Boost Mobile?

No. Boost Mobile will only unlock its phones and devices. We recommend contacting the wireless operator from whom you purchased the cellphone for the unlock process.

The Bottom Line

It’s pretty easy to unlock boost mobile phone for free because most of their devices are available on a one-off purchase deal. Moreover, Boost Mobile is a no-contract cellphone carrier. It means there won’t be any contracts locking you to its network or early termination fees for a service agreement. While you can unblock boost mobile phone without paying and jump to another carrier’s network, there’s one crucial thing to consider.

You need to be an active Boost subscriber for at least twelve months to qualify for a cellphone unlock. Moreover, your account must have a record of service payment within the last three months of your annual subscription. The above requirements are only valid for current Boost customers. Besides, the carrier exempts its Military accounts from the twelve-month active subscription requirement to unlock boost mobile phone. In this case, the client only needs to show proof of deployment to unlock their phone.

Non-Boost clients can also unlock boost mobile phone if they have the name or account details associated with the phone. The criteria apply to both previous customers and those who have never been Boost Mobile subscribers. In all cases, Boost Mobile will not unlock any device with a stolen or lost record. Therefore, if you bought a Boost device from a third-party, you’ll want to secure proper account info before qualifying for the unlock process.