Unlock Verizon Cell Phones: A Ultimate Guide

These usually come as a lock when you pick up the phone from a cell provider. That means, using a different carrier, you will not be able to use or receive a signal on your phone. But what if you want to switch providers? In this case, unlocking services may be required.

Most carriers now offer unlocking service, but it doesn’t mean that all providers will do it automatically. For example, if you are wondering about how to unlock a T-Mobile Phone Free? They have restrictions and few requirements on unlocking service and may need to call T-Mobile customer service.

Similarly, in the case of, unlock A Sprint Phone, the device should be SIM unlock capably and those domestic SIM card devices introduced after February 2015 will automatically be unlocked when they qualify for unlocking. This means that everyone maintains their own procedure for unlocking. Now, you might be thinking what about Verizon? Are Verizon phones unlocked? Will Verizon unlock my phone and How to unlock them? Read this guide, we here for your consideration.

What Are Unlocked Phones And How They Work?

Are Verizon Phones Unlocked

If you’ve been shopping for a new smartphone for the past few years or if you’re trying to switch to wireless carriers. You may have heard of unlocked phones but what exactly unlocked phones mean and how do unlocked phones work?

An unlocked phone means; it is not exclusively fixed with one carrier. An unlocked phone can be transferred from one network to another by switching the SIM card. You have the freedom to operate your phone on another consistent network.

Unlock service also help to fetch your own device to another provider. Your device’s SIM card is basically a physical ghaut, which enables your device to engage in a specific network. You also need to change the SIM, when you change carriers.

What Is a Locked Phone?

Locking means you can only use your phone on the specific network. You can’t use different carrier via SIM card until the device is unlocked.

How to Unlock Verizon Cell Phones?

Verizon Wireless is unique in case of, unlocking cellphones but according to their policy, newly bought devices will remain locked to Verizon’s networks for up to 60 days after bought. And the phone will be automatically unlocked by Verizon after 60 days.

The policy was introduced in July 2019 that applies to both prepaid and postpaid phones and covers new and existing customers. For postpaid phones, the unlock device waiting period (60-days) starts after purchase or if you have purchased the phone from Verizon retail partner, then the waiting period begins after activation of the device.

In the case of prepaid phones, after activation, your 60-days device unlock time will starts. After 60 days, just insert a new SIM card from another carrier, if you will be able to use a new SIM card from a different carrier that means the lock has automatically removed.

Are Verizon phones unlocked for military users? Deployed military users released from this rule and during this period they can request for unlock service by calling at 888-294-6804 (Verizon support line).

Now you may ask yourself how to Unlock A Verizon phones and where to unlock phones, However, to unlock your Verizon phones, you should do this below:

  • Verify and confirm whether your Verizon account is active.
  • You have to maintain your account for up to 60 days in good standing.
  • During 60 days period, the bill has to paid fully, your phone should not be listed as stolen and there is no doubt of fraud with your phone.

That’s it. Like other carriers there are no list of eligibility requirements to unlock your phone, you required to enter one of these two codes to enable other carriers:

  • 000000
  • 123456

If your device is still locked then try again or simply call to Verizon support line (888-294-6804.) In the case, of world devices you may still need the help of a store tech, you can make a request by dialing the support line (800-922-0204).

Verizon’s prepaid 4G handsets (off the shelf phone in the box) are locked in the network for a period of time that is specified behind the box. In this case, you need to call Verizon support to begin the process (888-294-6804).

How Can I Know Whether My Verizon Phone is Unlocked?

When you finished your 60 days, you can check to make sure Verizon has unlocked your phone.  If you think are Verizon phones unlocked? Then the easiest way to confirm whether your phone is clear from the Verizon network is to enable it on another network.

Replace the SIM card and insert the new SIM from another network, if the phone will show a message “SIM not supported“, it means the phone is still locked and tied with Verizon network. If the message will not appear that means your phone is unlocked.

If your Verizon phone comes with eSIM rather than a removable SIM card, you will be able to verify the status of your phone IMEI number by another carrier website to confirm whether your phone unlocked.

Why Do You Need To Unlock Your Verizon Phone?

Basically, there are two reasons that you can feel the need to unlock your Verizon phone and these are.

To Change Carriers

The main purpose of unlocking your Verizon phone is to place it to another carrier.  If you wish to change your Verizon phone to T-Mobile but if your phone is still locked, you will not be able to buy your new T-Mobile plan and can’t automatically make active the current Verizon phone. So, your locked Verizon phone needs to unlocked to switch carriers.

In The Case Of Travel Abroad

Another benefit of unlocking your Verizon phone is that you will be able to use your own device in case of travel overseas. You do not need to purchase a cheap phone from there, rather you can swap your Verizon SIM card to SIM from a local operator in the country where you’re traveling and you can make active the phone on the local network.

Bring The Device From a Different Carrier To Verizon

Before moving your current device from a different carrier to Verizon, make sure whether you need to go by the carrier unlock tool. Many carriers are able to manage the process online.

If you’re ready to fetch your unlocked phone to Verizon, and once your new account set up, Verizon will not lock your phone. Just confirm whether it’s consistent with Verizon’s network, or else, you have to buy it.

Before Unlock Verizon Phone You Need To Know

If you decide to switch from Verizon to a different carrier (including small prepaid MVNO), you should ask yourself, whether it compatible with Boost or Metro Mobile, or do I just have to go for a major career like AT&T?

Verizon is a CDMA carrier that compatible with different technology. Luckily, you can use your unlocked Verizon 4G LTE device on T-Mobile or AT&T, since most handsets are consistent with both carrier LTE bands.

This also applies to MVNO of their carriers, since they work on their major carrier networks. Though consistent not guaranteed, hence, before deciding to make active a Verizon phone on their network, you need to check with your new carrier.

Though Sprint is also a CDMA carrier, you can’t take out your phone to a Sprint plan – They work in a different band than Verizon.  Formerly, this meant that it was impossible to activate a device without a sprint on its network, Today; however, Sprint will permit its preferred Verizon devices, including the next model iPhones, in its BYOD plans. But you need to test with Sprint to explore the limitations of your particular device.

Alternative Options If Verizon Can’t Unlock The Phone

Some people buy a new phone from Verizon just before on international travel or like that. but you know, Verizon is strictly following its 60-day policy, even you are a great customer for years, you will still have to face this problem.

If you are looking for a more affordable US carrier, you can search for Verizon MVNO and they are including;

  1. Straight Talk
  2. Net10 Wireless
  3. TracFone
  4. Total Wireless
  5. Xfinity Mobile
  6. Spectrum Mobile
  7. Affinity Cellular
  8. Page Plus Cellular
  9. US Mobile
  10. Cricket Wireless

Final Word

Therefore, are Verizon phones unlocked? Verizon has a 60-days lock policy, after that, your device will automatically unlocked and you would not have to maintain much unlock criteria. Everything will done by Verizon, which means after that period, you can switch your carrier. If you will be unable to unlock your device, you can consider an alternative carrier that is listed above. Therefore, that’s it for now and thanks for being with us.