FiOS Quantum Gateway Router Specs – in 2022

FiOS Quantum Gateway Router is one of the top-ranking best wireless routers in the U.S. for allowing uninterrupted service at faster speeds. This dual-band router is equipped with an efficient dual-core processor that provides you the highest level of both wired & wireless performance in your home. By using this router, your online experience will be greatly enhanced.

This router will not only long-lasting but also can serve you well for many years. You are going to obtain at a minimum of few years of trusty service out of this router. Here we review FiOS Quantum gateway router specs & features in detail.

FiOS Quantum Gateway Router Features and Specs:

FiOS Quantum Gateway Router Specs
  • Internet speeds that extend up to 800 Mbps for hassle-free surfing, gaming & streaming.
  • Wider Wi-Fi signal range up to 325 feet of coverage in & around your house.
  • Dual Band 5ghz & 2.4ghz.
  • Uses dual-band technology for faster sharing allowing your family to perform both high and low bandwidth activities.
  • Supplied with an efficient Dual Core processor.

1) Performance

With the FIOS quantum gateway router, you will get all the latest & greatest specs for improved performance. You will get the best Wi-Fi speeds & excellent Wi-Fi signal range & continuous access for multiple devices in your home – using a variety of devices at any one time.

After installing this router, you will announce a stronger signal throughout the home for faster service. With this router, you are receiving faster online streaming & gaming internet speeds throughout your entire home. This router in your home is more effective no matter what time of day you are online.

After installing this router , you will get these amazing features

  • Speedy, more consonant performance on both wired & wireless appliances.
  • Get a high-speed Ethernet connection that catches up on gigabit speeds which are perfect for serious streamers & gamers.
  • Advanced feature such as VPN router abilities, so you know your information are safe & preserved all the time.
  • Effective connectivity throughout your home with the topmost wireless signal range.
  • Double the amount of your data transfer speeds by using its feature MoCA 2.0 technology.

2) Design

The FIOS quantum gateway router is dense & smaller in size, measuring about 10 inches deep by 10 inches tall and roughly 2 inches wide. With this router you, your family & friends will connect to the internet wirelessly in your home.

It can systematically broadcast Wi – fi networks so everyone will be connected to it & enjoy the fasted browsing & gaming. This sleek little device can comfortably sit on a shelf or a table & will not bring out any exceptional attention.

3) Value

The FIOS quantum gateway router is reliable, brings intelligence, efficiency & the highest performance to your home internet communication. It is a high – end with the highest quality performance & exciting device.

4) Beats Heat Stress

Usually, many routers get damaged due to overheating. The main reason for your router’s fails is excess workload & poor air circulation. The FIOS quantum gateway router is well designed to provide potent air circulation to make it easy for the router to cool itself.

5) 800 Mbps internet speed

There are a few routers in the market that can supply internet speeds up to 800 Mbps wirelessly. By getting this FIOS quantum gateway router, you will be able to get maximum internet connection speed up to 800 Mbps wirelessly due to a powerful dual-core processor. This router is also developed to operate a huge amount of broadband data transmission.

6) Manage router from anywhere

Another crucial feature of this router is, you can manage the router’s Wi-Fi settings from anywhere you are in real-time. MyFios App helps you maximum control over every aspect of the connectivity of your quantum gateway router.

7) Dual Bands

The dual-band technology of this router gives you 2 separate through way lanes for the data.

FiOS Quantum Gateway Easy Setup

Setting up this router is super- fast & simple. The steps of replacing your existing router with the FiOS quantum gateway router are a preferable pain – free & simple process.

  • Log into your existing router & simply lose the DHCP lease on the broadband coax WAN port.
  • Switch off & hold on for few minutes.
  • Now attach the coax connection to your new router & turn it on.
  • You have exactly improved your internet speed in a moment.
This router gives a momentary & remarkable improvement in internet speed.
It is more bust & more lasting than most competitors router.
The WIFI range is wider among the other router on the market.
Its price is absolutely reasonable for the features that come with it.
The Dual-band technology will help you to connect to several devices without impacting negatively overall speed.
This router can handle the topmost level of Mbps that most competitors’ router can’t.
The user of this router interface can be complicate.

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FiOS Quantum Gateway Router does a great job in increasing Wi-Fi range to reaches every corner of your home with ease. It comes with the accessibility of easy setup & is everything can be manageable from anywhere through the My Fios app. For its reasonable low price, this quantum gateway router offers you an amazing amount of value.