How to Unlock Samsung J3 Luna Pro: Sim Network Pin Unlock

Has this ever happened to you? You insert a new SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro and are promptly met with a message stating the phone is locked to a certain network. No matter what you try, you cannot get past the SIM network lock to use your device on another carrier.

Sound frustrating? It certainly can be. But don’t worry – unlocking the SIM network PIN on your J3 Luna Pro is possible if you follow the proper steps. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to finally say goodbye to the network lock on your Galaxy J3.

Understanding SIM Network Locks

But before we dig into the step-by-step unlocking process, it’s important to understand exactly what a SIM network lock is and why it’s used in the first place.

What is a SIM Lock?

A SIM lock essentially locks a smartphone to the original mobile network it was activated on. The phone has a special PIN code set by the carrier that restricts it from operating fully on other networks. This is a common practice among carriers as it helps prevent phones from being easily used on other networks right away in hopes that you’ll remain a loyal customer.

Why Carriers Use SIM Locks

SIM locks first became popular in the early days of mobile phones as a way for carriers to prevent immediate loss of customers. By locking a phone to their network, it made it harder for users to simply switch to another provider on a whim.

There are a few key reasons why carriers still use SIM locks today:

  • Subsidizing Costs: When you sign a contract, the carrier often subsidizes the cost of the phone so you pay less upfront. The SIM lock helps guarantee you remain a customer long enough for them to recoup costs.
  • Prevent Fraud: SIM locks can help prevent mobile phone theft and fraud by making stolen phones harder to activate on other networks.

However, once your contract terms are completed, most carriers will provide the SIM unlock code upon request so the phone can then be used on other networks – which is exactly what we’ll be diving into here!

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Understanding Your Samsung Galaxy J3

Before starting the SIM unlock process, it’s helpful to understand a few key things about the Samsung Galaxy J3 phone line itself:

Samsung Galaxy J Series Overview

Samsung’s Galaxy J series spans the budget and mid-range Android smartphone market. The phones offer pretty impressive capabilities and features considering their affordable pricing.

The Galaxy J3 sits on the lower end of the J series lineup. But it still comes equipped with solid specs and performance for a very reasonable sticker price.

The specific model we’re working with here – the Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro – is an entry-level J series phone offered through America Movil and TracFone Wireless prepaid carriers.

Hardware & Software Specs

Here’s a quick look under the hood at the Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro hardware and software:

  • Display: 5” HD Super AMOLED (720 x 1280 resolution)
  • Processor: quad-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 435
  • Storage: 16GB internal, expandable MicroSD card slot
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Main Camera: 8MP
  • Front Camera: 5MP
  • Battery: 2600mAh
  • OS: Android Nougat 7.1.1

As you can see – while not top of the line by any means – the Galaxy J3 Luna Pro still sports capable performance specs perfectly suited for everyday basic usage like messaging, web browsing, navigation, streaming, and more – made even sweeter thanks to modern features like the fast fingerprint sensor and edge-to-edge HD display.

And with the Nougat operating system, you’re running a fairly modern and updated version of Android – meaning unlocking the SIM should pose no major issues software-wise.

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Prerequisites for Unlocking SIM Network PIN

Before starting the unlock process, there are a few requirements and prerequisites to make sure are in place:

Check SIM Lock Status

First, you’ll want to confirm your J3 Luna Pro does actually have the SIM network PIN lock enabled.

To check, go into Settings > About Phone > Status. Scroll down and look for “SIM lock status.” If it says “SIM Locked,” then the PIN is currently turned on.

Verify Ownership & Account Status

You’ll also need to verify account ownership and status before networks will provide the unlock code.

Contact your original service carrier and confirm you own the device fully. There should be no pending payments or active contracts/service terms that still need fulfilled.

Most carriers require you’ve been actively using their service on the device for a period of at least 60-180 days before approving unlocks.

Back Up Data

It never hurts to back up your J3 in advance. Just in case anything happens to get wiped or misconfigured during the unlock process, your data will remain protected and transferable back over.

You can back up photos, videos, contacts and other user files either to the cloud or external MicroSD card.

Disable Third-party Locks

Some third-party apps like antivirus or security suites have secondary lock or PIN screen features. Disable those for now to prevent any conflicts unlocking the network SIM PIN first.

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Unlock the SIM Network PIN

Once all prerequisites are complete, we can move onto the actual SIM unlocking steps. There are a few different methods we’ll cover that have proven effective for successfully inputting the SIM unlock code to remove a Galaxy J3 from its original carrier ties:

Method 1: Using Unlock Codes from Carrier

The easiest and most surefire route – go straight to the source and request the network PIN unlock code from your original service provider. Here’s the process:

Step 1: Contact Carrier Support

Call or chat with customer service and explain you’d like to unlock your SIM network PIN in order to use your Galaxy J3 Luna Pro on another carrier.

Step 2: Verify Ownership & Account Standing

Be prepared to confirm ownership, account details or other verification steps. Carriers need to check you’ve continually been making payments and met prior service commitments before approving unlocks.

Step 3: Request Unlock Code

If in good standing, request the 8-16 digit SIM unlock PIN code. The carrier will generate a numeric code tied specifically to your device serial and identification details.

Step 4: Input Unlock Code

From the dial screen on your J3, input: #7465625638*#

A “Network unlock code” prompt will appear. Carefully enter the exact code provided for your device by your carrier in this field.

Note the code entry field allows only 8 digits at a time. If given a 16-digit code, input the first 8 digits, hit Ok, then repeat the process with the final 8.

Step 5: Confirm Successful Unlock

Once fully input, select Ok again. The phone should display “Network unlocked! Success.” Your SIM card can now recognize other domestic and international carrier networks.

The major perk of using carrier-provided unlock codes is how reliably effective they are. Networks tie the codes directly to each device’s make and model, helping eliminate issues with faulty generic codes.

However, some carriers apply extra charges or SIM unlock fees before providing the codes. And certain prepaid brands use third parties to handle code generation which can cause delays receiving your specific PIN to input.

Method 2: Using Third-party Unlocking Services

Rather than dealing directly with original carriers, you can use the services of a professional phone unlocking company as an alternative route to get your hands on the magical sequence of digits needed to input to your Galaxy J3.

Step 1: Confirm Your Device Qualifies

Choose an established unlocking company with expertise in Samsung devices. Confirm they have capability specifically with the Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro model and firmware.

Step 2: Provide Device Details

Submit your Samsung’s serial number (located under battery), IMEI/MEID and ICCID number so unlock code can be tailored.

Step 3: Receive & Input Unlock Codes

The service will either email your network unlock PIN within a 1-3 days on average or provide instant automated code generation depending on site/plan. Follow same steps as Method 1 to carefully input code.

Going through an unlocking service appeals to many because it avoids contact with the original carrier. The downside is ensuring the third-parties provide reliable, updated SIM unlock codes that apply properly to your exact J3.

Doing research to pick reputable unlocking companies with positive community reviews helps minimize issues.

Method 3: Using Default Samsung Master Codes

Savvy Android users may be aware that many Samsung Galaxy devices actually have built-in default SIM unlock codes that can work. These “master codes” are essentially backdoors that bypass dealing with carriers entirely to unlock the network PIN.

Here are the steps to attempt using Samsung’s hidden master unlock codes to freedom your J3 Luna Pro:

Step 1: Access Dialer

Pull up the phone dial screen then input: *#7465625#

Step 2: Input Samsung Codes

Try the following universal Samsung unlock codes in sequence until successful:

  • 000000
  • 123456
  • 12345678

The codes should work like mentioned in earlier methods, releasing the SIM restrictions without needing to figure out your specific numeric PIN.

Codes No Longer Working?

Keep in mind manufacturer master codes do get phased out or overridden as firmware gets updated over time. If the above codes fail on your J3, try alternative unlocking routes instead.

Or use sites like that stay on top of the latest code changes by device model and update accordingly.

Testing the SIM Unlock Successful

Regardless of which of the three methods you followed to ultimately unlock your Samsung, you’ll want to confirm everything worked as expected:

  • Shut down the phone completely
  • Remove original carrier SIM
  • Insert new domestic or international SIM card from a different carrier
  • Turn on Galaxy J3 and allow time for new carrier connection

You should now see full signal bars displaying! Complete functionality also means properly making/receiving calls and SMS texts.

If any issues present trying alternate networks, you may need to repeat the unlock code input process or use an alternative unlock method instead for your particular J3.

Understanding SIM Unlock Limitations

While removing SIM lock restrictions provides more network flexibility – there are still a few limitations to keep in mind:

Won’t Unlock Bootloader

The SIM unlocking process detailed here won’t affect any bootloader locks that may still enable firmware modding or 3rd party ROM flashing.

VoLTE Support Not Guaranteed

Unlocked phones may lose advanced functionality like HD calls or WiFi texting (VoLTE) that depends on deeper carrier ties and provisioning.

Re-locking Possible

Carriers can theoretically re-lock devices if inserting back into an active mobile plan on their network lines later on down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Samsung unlock code?

A Samsung unlock code is a unique code that allows you to remove the network lock from a Samsung phone. This means you can use the phone with any SIM card from any carrier, even if it was originally locked to a specific carrier.

How do you factory reset a Samsung Galaxy Luna?

With password:

  1. Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset.
  2. Enter your password and tap Reset device.

Without password (using recovery mode):

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Press and hold the Volume UpHome, and Power buttons simultaneously until the Samsung logo appears.
  3. Use the volume buttons to navigate to Wipe data/factory reset and press the Power button to select it.
  4. Confirm by selecting Yes — delete all user data.
  5. Once the reset is complete, select Reboot system now.

How to factory reset Samsung J3 Luna Pro without password?

Follow the same steps as above for factory resetting a Samsung Galaxy Luna without a password. The process is the same for both devices.

What is the code for Samsung J3 unlock?

There is no universal unlock code for the Samsung J3. You’ll need to obtain the specific unlock code for your device from your carrier or a third-party unlocking service.

Can a locked Samsung be unlocked?

Yes, most locked Samsung phones can be unlocked, provided you meet the necessary requirements from your carrier. This usually involves fulfilling your contract terms or paying an unlocking fee.

Can I unlock my Samsung myself?

It depends on the specific model and carrier. In some cases, you can request the unlock code from your carrier or use a third-party unlocking service. However, certain carriers may require you to visit a physical store or contact customer service to initiate the unlocking process.


We hope this step-by-step guide better explains what a SIM lock is and how to finally gain your Samsung freedom by safely unlocking the network PIN – without fully compromising key phone functionality.

You should now be able to seamlessly use both prepaid and postpaid plans hassle-free on GSM networks domestically and globally. Just be aware of the limitations to this type of surface-level device unlocking.

Unlocking the secrets and full flexibility of your Galaxy no longer needs to be a confusing, intimidating process! Share this article guide with other Samsung owners still stuck on restrictive carrier locks needing some mobile liberation!