Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked Code: Complete Instructions

Have you ever wanted to use your Samsung Galaxy S5 on another carrier’s network or while traveling abroad, only to find out it’s locked? Unlocking your Galaxy S5 can enable more flexibility and potentially save on expensive roaming charges while traveling overseas. This comprehensive guide will provide key information and step-by-step instructions on how to unlock your Galaxy S5 responsibly.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlocking a Galaxy S5 allows use across compatible networks domestically and internationally
  • Obtaining an unlock code depends on whether the S5 was purchased outright or through a carrier contract
  • Unlock codes can also be entered directly on the device through service mode
  • Unlocking an S5 is legal in the U.S. but affects the warranty
  • Significant benefits but some precautions should be considered beforehand

Understanding Galaxy S5 Unlock Codes

Samsung Galaxy S5 devices are usually locked to the carrier they are purchased through. An unlock code essentially removes this carrier restriction programmed into the device.

CarrierUnlock Code Length
AT&T16 digits
Verizon8 digits
Sprint8 digits
T-Mobile16 digits

This table provides examples of typical unlock code lengths by carrier. Code generation varies, so lengths may differ.

Methods to Obtain Galaxy S5 Unlock Codes

There are a few options to obtain an unlock code for your Galaxy S5:

  • Through Your Current Carrier: If purchased on a contract, contact customer service after fulfilling the contract terms to request the code. This is usually free if eligibility requirements are met.
  • Purchase from a Reputable Online Unlocking Service: Many third-party services sell unlock codes, with prices typically $15-$30. Carefully vet the reliability of the service before purchasing.
  • Use a Free Online Unlocking App or Tool: Some free online services provide unlock codes by connecting to carrier databases. Reliability varies greatly across these services though.

Consider the pros and cons of each method before deciding which route to obtain your Galaxy S5 unlock code.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking Your Galaxy S5

Follow these instructions to successfully enter an unlock code on your Galaxy S5:

  1. Write down the unlock code provided to you. Also note the source it came from in case issues arise.
  2. From the front screen, open the dial pad and enter *#7465625#
  3. A menu should appear prompting to enter the network unlock code.
  4. Carefully enter the unlock code using the dial pad.
  5. You should receive a confirmation that the unlock code was accepted. If you receive an error, confirm the accurate code was entered.
  6. Power down your Galaxy S5 completely.
  7. Remove any SIM cards that were inserted.
  8. Insert the new carrier’s SIM card you want to use.
  9. Power on your Galaxy S5. It should now detect and connect to the new carrier after the unlock.

If still having issues connecting to the desired carrier’s network, contact the source the unlock code was obtained from for troubleshooting tips before trying another code.

Unlock Codes Via Service Mode

Here are the steps to unlock a Galaxy S5 using unlock codes in service mode:

  1. Enter the following code on the dial pad to access service mode: *#197328640#
  2. Go to UMTS > Debug Screen > Phone Control > Network Lock > Options
  3. Select Perso SHA256 OFF to disable lock state persistence
  4. With the original carrier SIM inserted, enter #7465625*638*UNFREEZE CODE#. (Unfreeze code: 51232965)
  5. Insert an unaccepted SIM card
  6. Enter #7465625*638*UNLOCK CODE# using the provided unlock code
  7. Reboot the device and the Galaxy S5 should now be unlocked

Legal and Warranty Implications

Before undertaking the unlock process, it’s important to understand the legal and warranty implications:

  • Effective August 2014, unlocking cell phones and tablets became legal in the U.S. after changes to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
  • Unlocking is still potentially illegal if the device is under contract or reported stolen. Verify your device’s status before unlocking.
  • Manufacturer warranties are voided if devices are unlocked through unofficial means. Unlocking via carriers during or after a contract is safer from a warranty perspective.

While unlocking Galaxy S5 devices is legal in the U.S. assuming contractual obligations have been met and appropriate procedures followed, the potential warranty impacts need to be considered beforehand.

Benefits of Unlocking Your Galaxy S5

Why even bother with the effort to unlock your Galaxy S5? There are some compelling benefits:

  • Network Flexibility: Unlocked devices can work on various compatible CDMA and GSM networks internationally or domestically across multiple carriers.
  • Cost Savings When Traveling: Switching out local country SIM cards is less expensive than paying potentially exorbitant international roaming fees from your contracted domestic carrier.
  • Enhanced Resale Value: Unlocked phones allow the next owners more control over carrier choice and international usage, increasing resale appeal.

In summary, unlocking enables more network flexibility, likely cost savings when traveling, and improves resale prospects down the road.

Precautions and Considerations

While the benefits are plentiful, keep a few precautions and considerations in mind:

  • Ensure your device is fully paid off and out of contract before attempting to unlock for maximum assurance of legal compliance.
  • Carefully research the unlocking service or app for reliability before utilizing. Scams do exist in this arena.
  • Backup all device data beforehand as a precaution against potential data loss during the unlocking process.

Following these precautions helps ensure a smooth Galaxy S5 unlocking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will unlocking avoid triggering the activation process when inserting a different carrier’s SIM?

Yes, successfully entering the correct unlock code essentially overrides the activation prompt triggered by new SIM insertion.

Can I re-lock my Galaxy S5 if desired?

Re-locking is usually not feasible. The unlock process is designed to be permanent in most cases.

How can I backup my data before attempting an unlock on my Galaxy S5?

You can backup data locally to a computer through a USB connection or wirelessly using a cloud storage service.

Is an unlocked Galaxy S5 still eligible for system software updates?

Yes, over-the-air system updates are still pushed as normal from Samsung directly. Carrier bundled apps may no longer receive updates though.

Can I contact Samsung directly to obtain an unlock code for my Galaxy S5?

Unfortunately Samsung does not provide unlock codes directly. You’ll need to go through other channels covered earlier in this article.


The ability to unlock your Galaxy S5 brings more freedom over carrier choice and opens functionality abroad through local SIM card usage. While unlocking requires accepting some warranty risk, the flexibility and travel savings unlocked devices allow makes the benefits well worth it for many Galaxy S5 owners. Just be sure to use caution and vet any third-party unlocking services thoroughly first.

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