Best Smartphone Buying Tips: – in 2022

Smartphone in the current period a pocket computer. Smartphone only talk, SMS, in addition e-mail Sending, video conferencing, through the social networking site communications, taking pictures, videos, etc. are used. At the present time, smartphone sales and demand both increased. So before buying the best smartphone, a buyer must keep in mind the following points.

How To Know Which Phone Is Best?

  • Phone Model: Only does not looking at the model, as well as internal operating system software has been used, please note. In this case, Apple OS, Android, Nokia Symbian, different operating systems updated versions use is better.
  • Display: Make sure your phone’s display Super AMOLED. Because, compared to TFT display, AMOLED display resolutions and touch sensitivity much better.
  • Processor: Dual core processor smartphones is good. It includes high-speed multitasking and the battery life is more. In this case, the phone RAM is 512 MB or above is good.
  • Connectivity: Make sure the Phone have Wi-Fi and 3G support facilities . Enhanced Internet service, this two function will help you.
  • Camera: There are two cameras on the front and back of the phone Check it. Because, if there is no front camera, video calls will not work. Moreover, on the back camera more than 8 megapixel camera is better.
  • Phone App: Social networking sites in order to work, please confirm that with enough browsing facilities and chatting options.
  • Memory: What kind of memory capacity and the external memory can be used Check it. Because, low memory capacity cannot contain more audio and video. In this case, more than 8 GB is better on.
  • About GPS: GPS (Global Positioning System) is there, and even check it does works, please note that.
  • Flash Light: Advanced Focus System with the camera, whether the check. This will help you to take pictures and videos of the night.
  • Voice Command: At present, the voice command function is extremely important. Because, this option will be more dynamic in your daily work. So whether your phone has voice command functions, Check.
  • Brand: The best smartphone is always better to buy a good brand. Such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Blackberry.
  • Warranty: Before purchasing make sure about the warranty.

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