Samsung Galaxy S4 Network Unlock Code: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular Android smartphones ever released. With its gorgeous 5-inch display, blazing fast processor, and feature-packed software, it’s easy to see why. However, many S4 owners find themselves wanting to use their device on a different carrier than the one they originally purchased it from. Thankfully, unlocking the Galaxy S4 is a straightforward process.

What Does “Unlocking” a Phone Mean?

When you purchase a phone from a carrier like AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile, it comes locked to only work on that carrier’s network. This prevents you from taking the device to another service provider.

Unlocking a phone removes these restrictions, allowing you to use it on other compatible networks worldwide. Once unlocked, you can insert any compatible SIM card and access service.

Benefits of Unlocking Your Galaxy S4

Here are some of the major benefits of unlocking your S4:

  • Use your device internationally – An unlocked phone can access foreign carrier networks, saving you money on roaming fees.
  • Switch carriers easily – You aren’t tied to the original carrier if you find a better deal elsewhere. Just get a new SIM card and service plan.
  • Increase resale value – Unlocked phones command higher prices on the secondhand market.
  • Gain more control – Carriers can’t lock an unlocked phone or install unwanted bloatware. You’re in charge.

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Requirements for Unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S4

Before beginning the unlock process, make sure your S4 meets these requirements:

  • No outstanding payments – The phone must be fully paid off through your carrier.
  • Non-blacklisted IMEI – Check the IMEI number to confirm it hasn’t been blacklisted due to theft or fraud.
  • Stock firmware installed – The phone cannot have any major software modifications.
  • Active service plan – Most carriers require an active plan for the unlock code process.

As long as your S4 meets the above criteria, you should be ready to unlock it.

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Unlocking Services vs Doing It Yourself

You have two main options for unlocking your Galaxy S4: using an unlocking service or obtaining the unlock code yourself directly through your carrier.

Third-Party Unlocking Services

Companies like DoctorSIM and UnlockBase offer reliable S4 unlocking services for a fee. Prices range from $15 to $30 typically.

The advantage of using an established unlocking service is convenience. Just provide them your IMEI number, they handle contacting the carrier and obtaining the network unlock code, then email you everything you need to finish the process.

However, going through a third party does come with some extra cost. And depending on your carrier, getting the code yourself may only take one phone call.

Unlocking Through Your Carrier

All major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have official unlocking policies in place. The process varies a bit between networks but typically just involves contacting customer service, providing required account details, then obtaining the network unlock code.

The carrier option has the benefits of being free and not requiring you to share any private data with an outside company. However, some carriers make getting unlock codes quite difficult and may require you to have had active service with them for a certain time period.

So weigh the pros and cons of each method to decide which approach to take.

Unlock Code Requirements by Carrier

CarrierUnlock RequirementsHow to Get Unlock Code
AT&TDevice paid off, Active service for 60+ daysContact AT&T
VerizonDevice paid off, Active service for 60+ daysContact Verizon
T-MobileDevice paid off, Active service for 40+ daysContact T-Mobile
SprintDevice active on network for 50+ daysContact Sprint
Xfinity MobileDevice paid off, Active service for 60+ daysContact Xfinity
Cricket WirelessDevice not reported lost/stolen, Active service for 6 monthsContact Cricket
Metro by T-MobileDevice not reported lost/stolen, Active service for 6 monthsContact Metro

Step-By-Step Galaxy S4 Unlock Instructions

Once you’ve obtained your network unlock code from either a third party service or your carrier, follow these steps to finish unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S4:

1. Insert a Non-Original Carrier SIM Card

  • Turn off your Galaxy S4 completely.
  • Open the SIM card slot cover and remove your current SIM card.
  • Insert another carrier’s SIM card that isn’t from the original service provider. For example, if your S4 is currently active on AT&T, use a Verizon or T-Mobile SIM.

2. Power the Device On

  • With the non-original carrier’s SIM card inserted, turn your Galaxy S4 on.
  • You should see a “SIM Network Unlock PIN” prompt appear on the display.

3. Enter Unfreeze Code

  • Next, you’ll need to enter an unfreeze code provided to you along with the unlock code. This is usually an 8 digit number sequence.
  • Enter Unfreeze Code: 51232965
  • After entering the unfreeze code, hit OK/Confirm on your phone’s screen.

Note: Don’t worry if you get a message saying the unfreeze code is incorrect. This is expected. You still need to enter it as an initial step before the full network unlock code.

4. Input Network Unlock Code

  • After entering the unfreeze code, you’ll be prompted to enter the actual network unlock code.
  • Input your unlock code provided by your carrier or third party service. In our example here, the network unlock code is 54163456
  • After entering the full unlock code sequence correctly, you’ll see the success message: Network unlock successful.
  • The Galaxy S4 is now permanently unlocked!

Insert New Carrier SIM Card

To finish up:

  • Turn your S4 off completely
  • Insert the new carrier SIM card you want to activate service on
  • Power phone back on and follow any on-screen activation prompts

You can now use your Samsung Galaxy S4 on any compatible GSM network worldwide. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility!

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Protecting Your Investment With Insurance

One final recommendation is looking into phone insurance to protect your unlocked Galaxy S4. Accidents happen, so having coverage through a provider like Asurion can give you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to buy a brand new device if yours is damaged or lost.

Unlocked phones aren’t usually covered by carriers, so getting third-party insurance is your best bet for protection. Compare plans and pricing to find the one that fits both your phone and budget.

Unlock Your Galaxy S4 and Enjoy Service Freedom

We’ve just run through the complete process for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S4. As you’ve now seen, it’s a straightforward operation once you have the correct unlock codes in hand.

By unlocking your device, you open up global connectivity and gain independence from being locked into your original carrier. You can switch networks, use local SIMs while traveling abroad, and even increase resale demand if selling your phone later on.

Hopefully this guide gave you all the vital details needed to successfully unlock your Galaxy S4. You’ll soon be enjoying one of the top advantages of Android phones – the ability to use them with virtually any carrier worldwide with ease.