Hard Reset Tips for Samsung y GT-S5360 Smartphone

Dear visitor, I just going to give the hard reset tips for your Samsung y GT-S5360 Smartphone. You know that the android phone is the common thing. We see almost all people use it comfortably. Due to the easy operating system, excellent feature etc. privilege has in the android phone like Samsung y GT-S5360 Smartphone. Listen to me that the android phone is not always good, sometimes it can misbehavior with yours. I tell you in clearly. Suppose, you want to share your file with your friends via Share it app. When you going to share you see the device unable to share file because of the Wi-Fi unable to start you tried best to connect Wi-Fi for share but failed. In this situate, you feel anxiety. If I am there also do that but the anxiety in not the perfect solution. We should solve this problem. You may go to the technician for solve it. I think don’t need to go any technician. Our blog always helps you to fix this unwanted problem. If you follow our hard reset tips you will be able to release your problem. This solution is free of charge, just see it attentively. Hope you will be able to make your phone like a new brand Smartphone via doing a hard reset.

Hard Reset/Factory Reset steps :

  • Step 1: Turn off your Samsung android Device.
  • Step 2: Release any “sim card or SD card” in your phone.
  • Step 3: Press & Hold “vol+ key, Home key and Power key”.
  • Step 4: When you got “Android system recovery mode” then release all hold key.
  • Step 5: Press “Vol – key” and select “wipe data/factory reset”, then press “Home key” to confirm .
  • Step 6: Again press “Vol- key” and select “Yes — delete all user data” then press “Home key”.
samsung galaxy y gt-s5360
  • Step 7: After complete the Factory reset, then select “reboot System Now”, and press “Home key”.
samsung galaxy y gt-s5360
  • Step 8: Now your Device will reboots.
  • Step 9: Your Android device is now OK.